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Guangdong GaoRui Touch Electronic Technology Co., LTD is located in the geographical superiority, the scenery beautiful shunde beijiao town river industrial zone 2, 3 and guangzhou-zhuhai light rail station adjacent to the green river west highway, the guangzhou-zhuhai highway, the distance from guangzhou south railway station, guangzhou han creek long lung, guangzhou subway mouth photograph of rock are less than 10 km estuary metro subway, traffic is very convenient, the factory covers an area of 13486 square meters, has a standardized office and production workshop, building area of 5288 square meters, with an area of 11986 square meters, is specialized is engaged in the multi-function infrared touch LCD all-in-one production, research and development and sales of high-tech private enterprises.

     Company was founded in January 2018, the registered capital of 20 million yuan, the same management mode, resource sharing, including senior management personnel, 80% for college degree, major in the r&d team have college degree or above, obtain three senior titles, with all kinds of professional and technical titles of 12 people, experienced management personnel, the age structure is reasonable, at present, have achieved national product 3 c certification, has obtained a patent for invention, two practical patents 5, and is to declare high-tech enterprises in guangdong province, the two companies are in guangzhou and shunde, can complement each other, each other go hand in hand, create a win-win situation.

      The business of the company is all-in-one machine, infrared touch all-in-one machine, educational interactive touch all-in-one machine, multi-function inquiry machine, multi-function advertisement machine, interactive electronic whiteboard, preschool education touch all-in-one machine, intelligent tutor mutual motivation, commercial interactive all-in-one machine, multi-function conference touch all-in-one machine and so on. The market covers schools, training institutions, enterprises and public institutions, shopping malls and other fields.

      Company strong economic strength, strict management, adhering to the "meet customer demand, continuously the pursuit of excellence" business philosophy, advocated "people-oriented in work and life co-religionists, institutional justice" of the enterprise ethics, implement the "1234" management pattern, namely: the board of directors as the core of a command center; Production and sales of two main positions; Market, production and after-sales cooperation; The four harmonies of enterprise and customer, leader and leader, leader and employee, employee and employee. 



Corporate Purpose: The good faith serves the customer, creates the win-win benefit,
the achievement happy life

Enterprise Quality Policy: Safety first, quality first, scientific management,healthy

Corporate Slogan: Happy at work!

Corporate Objectives: Guangdong takes the lead and is well-known throughout the

Business Philosophy: To meet the needs of customers, continuous pursuit of excellence

Corporate Ethics: Work people-oriented, life on the brotherhood, fair and just system

Enterprise Spirit: Steadfast work, integrity of life

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